Curb Appeal - Your First Step to Sold

The Denninger Report  - by Gini Denninger

Thinking of selling your home? You have no doubt, heard the term “Curb Appeal”. There are many websites offering advice on how to create curb appeal. It can get pretty confusing but doesn’t have to be! Common sense and the willingness to make changes goes a long way to creating Curb Appeal. This is crucial since it reflects in the buyers’ mind how you have cared for your home, not just outside but also inside. If neglected on the outside, buyers unconsciously assume they will find the same neglect on the inside. Pleasing curb appeal is crucial!

Clients often ask for advice on how to achieve curb appeal. It’s important to develop “an eye” for what works in creating curb appeal. I have bred over 100 AKC champion dogs in the few short years my breed has been in the AKC. Now what does breeding prize-winning show dogs have to do with curb appeal? Lots! To be an “AKC Breeder of Merit” as I am, the first step is to develop “the eye” for breed quality. Not every breeder ever develops this “eye”, others do so to a degree beyond the normal which leads to their extraordinary success in dogs. If a breeder has “the eye” for a good dog, what they have actually developed is the ability to see the parts of a dog critically, be able to determine what parts are and are-not, working and how to correct problem(s) in future generations. OK, OK, so how does this dog stuff translate to home sellers? As a home seller, you’re more fortunate, it’s not so difficult to develop “an eye” to see the strengths and weaknesses of presentation of your home. What can take years in show dogs can be achieved pretty quickly for home-owners’. “The eye” is the ability to see the good qualities of your home as well as the less desirable and once you have done so using this information to create the best presentation of your home possible.

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