Welcome to Hilton, NY


The Village of Hilton NY is that rare, quiet, small-town location where everyone knows their neighbors. It's a place where community members are happy to serve on committees to improve the region, and where neighborhood activities bring out just about everyone in town! The area lies close to Lake Ontario and several larger townships, which adds to the enjoyment of Hilton; but the village maintains a strong sense of self.

Who Lives Here

People who reside in the Village of Hilton are a close-knit group. They enjoy a strong sense of community stitched together with deep ties to the area. Many families have lived here for several generations.


The central village area provides for a number of local shopping opportunities, and area residents believe strongly in supporting their own. You'll find gift shops, spots to grab a bite and more within the confines of village streets.

Recreation & Entertainment

Several local restaurants dot the central business area, offering everything from Abbott's custard, to pizza, to fine dining. There's even a local candy store, attesting to the small-town feel of Hilton. Larger venues and the lure of nightlife are just a few miles away.

Transportation & Traffic

The Village of Hilton is at the crossroads of West Avenue, East Avenue, Lake Avenue and South, which turns into Hilton Parma Road. Traffic is usually of no real concern, except when the Village hosts its major events like the Hilton Fireman's Carnival and Apple Fest.

Pros & Cons

Locals enjoy the simple, quiet life of Hilton. True, when you want to shop at a 'superstore' or take in a major show, you'll have to hop in your car; but residents feel that village life is well worth the drive. Services and recreational facilities here are shared with nearby towns, making the Hilton neighborhood much larger than the village boundaries would imply.

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