Welcome to Ogden, NY


The Town of Ogden is a sprawling region of some 37 square miles. Spencerport is its main village. There you'll find 19-century buildings lining the streets and along the Erie Canal. Several lift bridges span the canal throughout the township, all built in the early 1900's. Many homes from that same period are carefully maintained by area residents and by local businesses. You'll find sprawling manicured lawns and vibrant neighborhoods throughout the region. Ogden also has a rich history of farming and is home to some of the oldest family-run farms in New York, still operating successfully, which provide a country feel to this upscale town.

Who Lives Here

The people of Ogden have an intense respect for their history, their community, the land and each other. This is a tight community despite its size, with the village of Spencerport serving as the heart of the region.


With the village of Spencerport as its retail center, Ogden has essentially everything you need to live well. There are party houses, gift shops, liquor stores, antiques, pubs, clothing stores, jewelers, and more - all locally owned.

Recreation & Entertainment

The thriving village of Spencerport is the recreational center of Ogden, attracting not only residents, but tourists as well. There's an historic tavern on the Erie Canal in Ogden and several golf courses are located here.

Transportation & Traffic

The Spencerport Expressway (Rt. 531) runs across town and connects directly to I-490 and I-390. Major roads include Union, Washington, and Stony Point Rd.

Pros & Cons

A beautiful country setting lures residents to Ogden. Most homes are large and enjoy spacious surroundings, with neighbors who appreciate a sense of both privacy and community. Because of its location on the outskirts of the county, some travel may be necessary for work and other needs.

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