Welcome to Parma, NY


The Town of Parma encompasses nearly 43 square miles of land, with Lake Ontario serving as its northern border. Our Great Lake, in fact, provides much of the character of the region. This area is quite rural and was comprised solely of farmland before suburbia began to reach its borders. At one time, Parma was considered part of the nation's breadbasket; and you’ll still find fruit trees blooming here each spring. Residents enjoy their sprawling yards and quiet neighborhoods.

Who Lives Here

Those who call Parma home are drawn to area for its large homes, offering meandering property lines. However, it's the call of nature that really lures them here. Lake Ontario and area parks provide a chance to enjoy all forms of wildlife - birds, aquatic and land animals. Families find this an ideal place to raise youngsters.


Residents enjoy browsing locally owned shops in the village of Hilton, and those wishing more variety can simply hop in their car and drive a short distance to find all they need.

Recreation & Entertainment

Several locations in the village of Hilton and along Parma Corners Hilton Road offer town residents a chance to dine out among friends; and nearby counties offer endless opportunities within a few minutes drive.

Transportation & Traffic

The town of Parma is bordered on the north by Lake Ontario State Parkway and on the south by W. Ridge Road. The main streets, which carry the majority of traffic, are North Avenue (Rt. 259), Curtis Road, West Avenue, and Parma Center Road.

Pros & Cons

The area of Parma is a lovely rural region with scenic views at every turn. It's easy to see why residents love it here. Snow can be heavy along the Lake Ontario State Parkway in winter, when the windswept road can be hazardous at times.

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