First impressions really matter, many prospective buyers won’t even leave their car if they don’t find the home’s exterior appealing. Here are some tips you can do to prepare your home exterior to sell:  
Front Entrance
Your main entrance area should be welcoming and extra attention should be given to this area.

  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Replace any broken window or screens.
  • Paint the front door and trim if needed.
  • Fix or replace front door if needed.
  • If space permits, put out hanging and potted plants.
  • Make sure entrance light fixtures are clean and functional.
  • Make sure shutters and siding are clean.
  • Check doorbell.
  • Put out a new welcome mat.
House Exterior
Walk around and inspect your home exterior as if you’re the prospective buyer or home inspector. Clean, paint and replace these items as needed.  
  • Wash all windows and screens.
  • Make sure window and doors operate properly and check locks.
  • Replace any broken windows, doors or screens.
  • Inspect roof for any missing or damaged shingles and make needed repairs.
  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are properly attached.
  • House numbers should be in new condition.
  • Check siding for loose or missing pieces
  • Check brick for cracked or missing mortar.
  • Check painted surfaces for peeling or chipped paint.
  • Check all trim for damage or decay.
  • Check weather stripping on windows and doors for tight fit.
  • Remove any bird nests or bee hives on your home.
A smart approach is to walk around your house as if you were the prospective buyer. If an item catches your eye you should clean, repair or replace those items. Buyers want a house with no differed maintenance.  
Keep in mind, improvements should be made so you can better show the property.  A large capital investment which can’t be recovered from the sale is something you should discuss with a Realtor®. You want to make sure your house is competitive with similar homes in your community.