Garage doors make up a significant portion of your house exterior; they’re also the largest moving object in the home. Take the time to clean, repair, paint and lubricate for a good first impression and trouble-free operation. Some sellers mistakenly believe that problems in the garage will go unnoticed, but buyers don’t want to deal with peeling paint, broken springs, missing openers or loud noises when the door operates. It's better to expect buyers to test everything than to hope they won't look.

If you don’t have an automatic door opener consider getting one. Choose a model with a multi-code door opener that regularly changes the code for additional security.

If you need to replace broken or old garage doors with new do it. A new garage door is one of the best home remodeling investments you can make. Garage door replacement recovers over 70% of its cost when the home sells. New doors also provide an updated look to enhance the overall curb appeal.

Related Tip
Having your garage clean, organized and well lit is a big positive when showing your home. Consider finishing off the garage, adding shelving or work space organizers for additional storage. You want your home to be competitive on the market with others in the area you want to be smart about improvements to achieve full market value.