Choosing the right exterior color can make a huge difference when you paint your house for resale. The paint store brochures show different combinations of exterior paint colors. But keep in mind those color combinations actually include three colors, not just two. The additional color will add definition to the architectural details and your house will have a more finished look.
How you paint your home makes a big difference in its saleability. An appropriate color for the area and house will translate into prospective buyers wanting to see the inside. Make a mistake with the outside and you’ll turn off prospects.
In picking exterior colors consider the other homes on your street and in your neighborhood. If the house is on a wooded lot or has extensive landscaping, than earth tones would be appropriate. The color choice should take into consideration the stone or brickwork on the house and the roof color. Additionally, the home style can help dictate a direction. Colonial homes look good with white or beige, while ranch homes could be more appealing using muted shades. A muted shade – generally a color that required two words to describe like “cream yellow” vs. yellow.
If you want to appeal to the widest buyer audience then go conservative with the exterior color. Here are some exterior painting tips to avoid.

  1. Don’t paint your house black, dark green, purple or other dark color. These colors make your house looks small, gloomy and limits prospect appeal. Buyers respond better to a lighter color palette.
  2. Don’t paint your house a bright color like sky blue or hot pink. Unless it’s the norm for the area don’t think about this option.
  3. Don’t over paint the trim, a couple accent colors in appropriate places complements the architecture. Adding too many colors or painting in patterns are negatives.
  4. Don’t be creative with color choices, dark brown with yellow and pink trim is not special or unique; it just means your house will sell for less and be on the market longer.
Painting a house is expensive but a great way to improve its value and help it sell quicker – if it’s done right.