Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home from the curb; this includes the home’s exterior and yard. Having a clean, uncluttered and neat appearance makes a strong first impression to potential buyers and is the key in getting them to view the inside.
Landscaping efforts, even low-cost improvements offer a solid return on investment that you’ll recoup nearly all of. Here are a few tips to maximize your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Mow the Lawn – make sure the lawn is cut regularly – in some cases twice a week to give it a well maintained look. If you don’t have the time hire a service until the house is sold

  2. Edge the Lawn – a properly edged lawn stands out and shows your commitment to maintaining the property.

  3. A Green Lawn – if the grass is unhealthy or worn plant grass seed and water it to get it back into shape. Patching with turf is a good option for bald spots and heavy trafficked areas.

  4. Trim the Trees – tree limbs and foliage should not be touching or hanging near your roofline, have them and hanging limbs removed.

  5. Trim the Shrubs – all shrubs should be neatly trimmed – critical for curb appeal.

  6. Add Color – plant some color to have the yard pop. Potted annuals at the entrance, near walkways and planting beds can make a big difference. Consult with your local garden center or hire a pro to maximize seasonal color.

  7. Pull Weeds – remove weeds from the yard, planting areas and walkways. If you don’t remove the entire root or use a weed killer they will come right back.

  8. Mulch & Stone – put a down a fresh layer of mulch and if you have stone make sure all thin and bare spots have proper coverage.

  9. Lighting – If you have outside lighting make sure everything works.

  10. Clear the Yard – remove all litter, leaves, sticks, and other objects that don’t complement a neat lawn.

  11. A Neat Yard – coil water hoses, remove toys from the yard, get rid of broken patio furniture.

  12. Seal the Driveway – have the driveway sealed and any cracks repaired.
If your yard and lawn need real help consider hiring a landscape service to get your house ready to compete with others. Again, landscaping offers a great return on investment and having a strong curb appeal is essential to maximizing value and speed of sale.